Why Stopping a Good Initiative Isn’t a Sign of Failure

Stopping An Initiative Isn't A Sign of Failure
Abandoned Initiative

The last day on a job is not necessarily the last of a career, the last page of a magazine is not necessarily the last word on that same magazine and this goes for almost everything in life. What is best now may just be good in the next moment with a better alternative. Nothing in life is constant if not change and this is why a good initiative taken now might just see its end in the next moment due to wrong timing or lack of resources.

Stopping an initiative isn’t a sign of failure. An initiative might be stopped to make sure one is allocating the resources to the right projects. This article is for both individual and organisations to inform you that abandoning a project, work, to-do or plan which was seemingly great isn’t all bad. But such should be abandoned for the right reason and with good communication to the team especially in an organisation. 

We’ve always hear that ‘communication is key’. Let your colleagues, employees and team members have the understanding of why it is best to pause the project. Well, in an environment where curiosity is a motto and critical think is a strength; a place where employees are encouraged to challenge the authority and speak up. Such an organisation won’t have issue communicating a change of plan. This again bring us to what kind of employees a business should build.


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