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Chiamaka Osuji

If anyone told me that I’d one day write lines code, I’d most probably throw a fist and fight for my right as the Accountant I was training to be. Why would I train to be an Accountant for five solid years and throw it away only to sit crossed legs looking for bug’s all over the place, who exactly does that?
Beats me.
But here I am today, writing code and looking forward to newer opportunities in the world of software development.
My journey as a tech woman was influenced by my social media life style, ranging from the friends I had to those friends I practically had to meet one on one. It was from one of those meetings in 2017 that provided the springboard to start a new career in 2019.
When the year began, I had promised myself I’d fail, yes, fail, but failing with a difference, and that is to fail forward, to try stuff and to engage in new things. To test my limits and push it, and I can say this last six months has been the most amazing six months of my life, career wise.
I started coding in January 2019. On the first day of my class, I didn’t know what I was doing there, why I had taken up the offer to intern as a developer. I only remember looking for an escape route from the strike menace, I needed a job, I needed money to keep my spirit, body and soul together, why then did I take up the position to intern without being paid? But then, I hated being idle, idleness makes me cry and so, I had to take up the opportunity, to me it was better than sitting at home playing with my fingers, and that was one of the best difficult decision I took this year.
After the first day of my class, I didn’t learn anything, my heart was crying, why was it so hard, and why didn’t I just sit back at home and continue my job hunt?
Questions, questions and more questions I practically had no answer to.
But then I decided to go the second day, maybe I’d see more reasons why I should actually quit and focus on my job hunt.
The good thing about being a woman in tech is; that you get the attention, the support and the encouragement to work and keep pushing till the very end, and I got all that at the new internship firm I was interning at.
See, that was a big push for me, that was me discovering some spectacular things about myself I didn’t know existed, meant I could achieve anything I wanted if I set my mind to it.
Facebook has helped my life, in ways that cannot be measured. I don’t think I’d have been able to come this far if not for the influence from that space.
I’ve been awarded a facebook scholarship to pursue a path in software developement, with mouth watering benefits, all courtesy of my facebook relationship. All you need to do is join the Developer Circle on facebook, and boom, as a member every opportunity first gets to you. Job vacancies are posted and you could always apply if you fall in that category, most of these jobs are remote, meaning you can work from the comfort of your home and still be engaged in other stuff.
There are other platforms available for developers, but then, you need to have a starting point, and Developer Circle is a great start up point.
Today I enjoy writing codes, I look forward to building interesting stuffs, it makes me proud of myself, and there’s this feeling of fulfilment that comes with it.
The tech world is full of so many opportunities; you can key into it, take it as an additional skill or build a career around it.
As a developer, you can build apps, websites, you can be front end, back end or full stack, whatever path you choose is a good path. In time, you’d learn to write clean code because there’s is no end to learning. I look forward to learning more, and I am very open to learning.
I am happy with me, and I am proud of the woman I am becoming. If I can become anything I want, you too can, if you can work towards it, you can achieve it.


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