Can Gal Pissetzky Stop Hushpuppi’s 20yrs In Prison?

Ray Hushpuppi’s fraudulent activities and arrest without a doubt, have labelled him the biggest Fraudster of the year. After the story of his arrest and Billions of dollars, fraudulent activities went rival and was covered by numerous media platforms, both small and big across the globe. It wasn’t a surprise when he hired Criminal Defense Attorney Gal Pissetzky, to defend him.
The Chicago based criminal defence attorney who has been involved in many notable cases in the United States, said his client is not guilty. He sprang into action after reaching an agreement with Hushpuppi and has swiftly come out to claimed that 37-year-old Ramon Olorunwa Abbas aka Hushpuppi runs a “legitimate business” as an “entrepreneur” and is not guilty of fraud and money laundering. He told BBC that the FBI kidnapped his client from Dubai and taken to the U.S.
Gal Pissetzky also spoke to The PUNCH newspaper Nigeria and said he planned to put up “vigorous defence to get him out of the case.” So we ask, can he set a man charged for Billions of dollars fraud with 26 pages of court transcript detailing his fraudulent activities free?
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